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Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex

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Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex

Our wedding photo booth Hire West Sussex is a brilliant addition to any event, but especially a wedding when recording those special moments is so important. They allow guests to take photos home that very same night, and there are tons of options to fit the style and budget of every host!

Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex

How much does a photo booth cost for a wedding?

A wedding is an event which the happy couple and the guests will want to remember for years to come. While you may have a professional photographer for your official photographs, it’s also nice to offer your guests a way to create memories of their own and a photo booth is the perfect solution. It allows your guests to relax without feeling like they have to perform for official photo’s and is usually the time when the stress is over and everyone can relax.

Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex
Photo Booth Rental

Most guests don’t carry expensive camera’s at a wedding anymore and disposable cameras don’t really capture an event at its best. Mobile phones usually suffice but where’s the fun in that! That’s where photo booths have a clear advantage. With an inbuilt touch screen in the booth, your guests can gather in front of it and let their hair down, taking a range of fun and creative images with all the props on hand. What’s more, it’s easy to get into great poses because you can see on screen the pose your going to make with instant feedback on how the finished photo will look, but be quick as the pictures are usually timed and some of the best pictures are the ones you didn’t prepare for.

Setting up the Photo Booth

Indoor Photo booths come in a range of designs but our outdoor booths add an extra dimension to your day by not only providing a great prop and talking point but they are a bit different than your average indoor booth. They fit the theme of many of the festival and barn style weddings perfectly. Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex

Set up will be done for you, and because they are a much bigger presence than a normal booth your guests are guided to it and encouraged to have fun. The photo booth will arrive and all you need is a flat enough area on which the booth can stand be it a courtyard or a field and a normal 13amp power socket.

After that, you can leave your guests to have fun, the booth is easy to operate but there is always someone on hand to man the booth and keep things running smoothly, don’t forget though to make sure the newlyweds get time in the booth too, either as a couple or surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Wedding Photobooth Hire West Sussex

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